Para mi solo recorrer los caminos que tienen corazon, cualquier camino que tenga corazon.
(Don Juan)

The main goals of VIOMKA office innovation is to create a more pleasant environment in work, to improve the customers‿comfort, to design more intelligent labour spaces and to guarantee customers‿safety.

These main objectives guide us for more than fifty years and have engraved the strategies of research and growth of the company VIOMKA office innovation.

From 1966, VIOMKA office innovation is present in Thessaloniki and watches the metamorphosis of a provincial and ambitious city to a modern and chaotic metropolis and it participates in those aesthetic changes for the working environment and residents‿way of life.

Always sensitive in the technological development, in design’s importance, in quality’s priority, the company represents today the landmark for the office solutions and the planning of operative spaces.

More than fifty years of research helped us in understanding the sector’s needs of a market in continuous development and alteration. We have been educated in know-how of international markets; in order to offer our customers modern and reliable products and provide ideal solutions.

But, above all, we have been taught that our valuable course is just our first steps of a great and fascinating adventure, in which we are proud to participate in.